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      3. Company profile

        Jiangsu COCHI Polymer Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhangjiagang Science and Technology Park in 2017. The company is committed to the research and development, production and sales of special silicone polymer materials and catalysts, with advanced technology and green and environmental-friendly. Such as special crosslinkers, silanes, functional polymers, silicone resins, metal and organic metal catalysts, etc., have been widely used in the fields of IG and SG sealants, industrial and electronic adhesives and sealants, especially suitable for the production of various high-end alcohol and acid sealants. The company has innovated various organo-functional silicone products including new generation alcohol and acid sealants, UV and heat dual curable silicone release coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives, polyether modified silicone fluids, silicone coatings, etc., and enjoyed a high reputation in domestic and worldwide markets.